An AR app for the Canadian Auto Show


The Canadian Auto Show was right around the corner, and visitors would be eager to hear more about the upcoming 2014 CLA. The problem was the CLA wasn't yet ready.

The objectives were clear:

  • Without the CLA at the show, bring the car to life as realistically as possible.
  • Showcase the CLA's new technological innovations and colour configurations.
  • Capture potential customer data for use in subsequent personalised marketing activity.

Mercedes-Benz came to us to help them bring the CLA to life with the power of Augmented Reality. Apache and our partner, Ignition Digital, worked with Mercedes-Benz to recreate the CLA in stunning high-resolution detail exclusively for tablets and smartphones.


The app was a huge success, drawing large crowds despite the CLA not being physically in attendance. It collecting highly targeted data on thousands of prospective buyers all over the world, which has had a marked effect in driving awareness and sales.

The app was adapted and featured prominently at several later trade shows including CES, and was developed for public release on iOS and Android. Reviews have been very favourable indeed, with none less than 5 stars.

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