An AR App for the Sony PlayStation 4 launch


With the festive season fast approaching, and the PlayStation 4 release a mere month away, Sony pulled out all the stops to get the PlayStation name resonating with consumers in time for Christmas.

As part of this campaign, and working closely with creative agency 20Ten, Sony looked to us to help spread the word. With a treasure trove of iconic PlayStation characters reaching back twenty years, there were plenty of ways we could do just that.

The idea was a create-your-own Christmas card app which, with the power of Augmented Reality, enabled users to interact with and take photos next to their favourite PlayStation characters. Photos are then transformed into Christmas cards by choosing themes and frames, and sent to loved ones via email and social media.


The application was released publicly to positive reviews and thousands of downloads. The app was best experienced at select retail environments around the country, where designated areas were demarcated and large standee markers were printed for an optimal AR experience.

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