The ultimate horror escape experience


The Jigsaw VR experience transports the player into the world of the film to play Jigsaw's final game.

As they find themselves bound to a chair that is being pulled toward a range of swinging saw blades, the player must navigate through some deadly traps to reach the pressure pad at the far end of the room.

If they survive, the player is then moved to the next room where they must complete a puzzle box in order to unlock a key that will set them free. Complete the puzzle in time and live, or fail and be dismembered by the spinning blades!


Jigsaw VR is the second title to be launched by VRX Networks.

Co-founded by Apache and leading the next generation of Out-of-home Virtual Reality entertainment, VRX Networks operates a network of Virtual Reality kiosks across the United States, Mexico and Australia.


Aimed at an older demographic (17 years and over), Jigsaw VR was launched in late 2017 and has provided a spine-tingling and memorable experience for thousands of players across the world.

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