A VR game for one of the most discussed movies of 2017!


VRX Networks is leading the next generation of Out-of-home Virtual Reality entertainment, operating a network of Virtual Reality kiosks across the United States, Mexico and Australia.

The kiosks are located in shopping malls, cinemas and other public areas, operating as 'pay-to-play' units at the low cost of $5 per play. This opens up the wonderful world of VR to a brand new audience and in many cases provides them with their first experience of high-end VR.

As co-founders of VRX, Apache was engaged to develop Emoji VR as the first experience for the initial rollout in July 2017.

Design Goals

The aim of the project was to provide a younger audience with their first experience of immersive virtual reality in a simplistic, exciting and easy to use manner.

The experience had to be high-octane, engaging and effervescent, as Generation Z has high expectations of technology and content, and shorter attention spans than older demographics!

Equally, it was important that we hit the mark on keeping the user fully entertained within the virtual world, in addition to being perceived as value-for-money on the part of the parents.


We worked with the original voice actors; T.J. Miller, James Corden and Anna Faris to ensure that the VR experience closely matched the feel of the movie, enabling players to interact with the movie's best-loved protagonists.

The younger-skewing target audience for this experience meant it was crucial to avoid relying on complex hand controller inputs or the need for tedious tutorialising. We therefore employed easy-to-understand hand movements and simple trigger pulls, providing highly intuitive interactions that were understood by players of all ages.

The experience has proven to be VRX's most popular experience to date. In November 2018 the Emoji VR Experience won the UXUK Award for excellence in user-focused digital design

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