Microsoft: Humans


Timed with the airing of a TV ad to promote the new drama “Humans”, Channel 4 created the pseudo brand Persona Synthetics and opened a shop in Regent Street, offering consumers the chance to interact with and virtually purchase synthetic human robots called “synths”.

Working with Channel 4, Microsoft came to us to help realise the vision of a fully interactive synthetic human embedded within a crowded shopfront. Using Kinect 2 technology, this BAFTA-winning experience measures passersby, detecting user engagement with the synth, waving in response to user hand movements, and even ushering users closer to ‘bond’ by virtually connecting palms.


Though the Persona Synthetics shopfront was active for just one week, the experience gathered thousands of intrigued onlookers. “The world of Humans is perhaps closer than we think,” said Channel 4 head of marketing, James Walker.