Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Extended Reality (XR)

Apache is a full-service Virtual Reality agency and VR developer offering exceptional 360° interactive experiences and films. We help our clients to make sense of VR and distil their brand message into immersive 360° experiences which tell a captivating story and deliver truly meaningful brand engagement.

Our Approach to VR

Apache’s approach is like no other VR production company. We’re not in this business because it’s the hot place to be right now. We truly believe in VR‘s uniquely powerful ability to transport people to new worlds and tell stories of a depth and richness unlike anything ever experienced in human history. We’re in this business because we know we can do this right – we are dedicated to helping brands push the boundaries of immersive storytelling and deliver a category of experience so compelling that their story will never be forgotten. As with every fledgeling medium and technology with sufficient buzz, there will be people jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck. There will be companies offering Virtual Reality services but grossly overcharging, and if not overcharging, grossly over-offering and/or under-delivering. That is not us. We understand Virtual Reality deeply and we are intimately familiar with the tools and techniques necessary to deliver an extraordinary immersive experience, and trust us: it needn’t cost Hollywood money.

Interactive VR

Unlike most Virtual Reality production companies, we don’t deal solely in video and post-production. With our background in award-winning real-time 3D and augmented reality, we create 3D virtual worlds and games that respond to users’ choices, movement, and look direction, offering a dimension of interactivity which pushes immersion well beyond what is capable with pre- recorded video. Using mixed reality techniques we can augment pre-recorded 360° video with digital information, including information overlays or even 3D characters. Imagine viewing a VR film of the Natural History Museum and seeing the skeletons of long-lost dinosaurs come alive before your eyes. And with 360° binaural audio, our interactive VR experiences look, feel, and sound immersive.

360° Video Production

The next frontier of cinematic storytelling, VR 360° video (also known as live-action VR video)
transports viewers inside of a film, giving them the freedom to determine the angle of the action that they want to see. Using cutting-edge camera rigs, 360° video drones, seamless stitching, and proprietary post-production algorithms, our 360° video services help the world’s leading brands capture the world around them and tell immersive, captivating stories through the revolutionary medium of VR.

Mobile Virtual Reality & VR Apps

Our first foray into VR apps was in mobile Virtual Reality’s infancy; we were invited by Oculus and Samsung – the biggest names in VR – to build mobile VR applications for their then-unannounced Samsung Gear VR. Since then, we have built numerous VR apps for Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard for companies like the United Nations and Mercedes-Benz. We are trusted and experienced VR app developers who deeply understand the unique requirements of delivering compelling Virtual Reality content for mobile devices.

360° Live Streaming

Mark our words: the future of events is live streaming in Virtual Reality. Whether it’s a sporting event, trade show, music festival, or any live gathering, don’t let geography or logistics limit your reach when the entire world could be experiencing your event in real-time with our 360° live streaming solutions. Contact us.

Take a look at some of our recent work...

intu: VR Winter Wonderland
intu: VR Winter Wonderland
Bringing VR to shoppers at intu Nottingham
Cartoon Network: Ben 10 Hero AR
Cartoon Network: Ben 10 Hero AR
Client name: Cartoon Network
Date: October 2016
Cartoon Network: Ben 10 Hero AR
Transform into one of four aliens
Zaxbys: Fanz of Flavor VR
Zaxbys: Fanz of Flavor VR
Client name: Zaxbys
Date: September 2016
Zaxbys: Fanz of Flavor VR
An innovative VR experience
Paramount: TMNT Tartaruga Run
Paramount: TMNT Tartaruga Run
Client name: Paramount
Date: May 2016
Paramount: TMNT Tartaruga Run
Steer the garbage truck and battle the foot clan