Swarovski: Chalayan VR 360° Film


At Paris Fashion Week 2016, Swarovski and award-winning fashion designer Hussein Chalayan aimed to present a unique collection that moved beyond passive participation and into an immersive, 360° Virtual Reality experience. Intent on generating social media engagement as a significant but secondary objective, more centrally Swarovski set out to capture the show’s themes of metamorphosis, progression, and power of culture.

Working with our close friends at Surround Vision, Apache 360° video captured the heart of the event, from behind-the-scenes model prep to a VIP POV at the front of the runway. The raw footage was edited down into 20 vignettes and seamlessly stitched and blended together to create the eminently polished end product. Presented in 360° on YouTube and Facebook VR video, a bespoke Android and iPhone app for Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR was soon to follow.

As well as covering the show, a short-form documentary film for fans of Hussein Chalayan was produced and circulated through social media.

Client Testimonial

I’m excited about [VR] because it gives the viewer an experience removed from both space and time.

Hussein Chalayan