Sky: X-Men Experience


With more and more blockbuster titles coming to Sky’s Buy & Keep service, Sky had to get creative and shout about it from the rooftops. What better place than the top floor of the Sky Experience Centre in the world-famous O2 Arena in London?

Among these Buy & Keep titles was the flagship X-Men: Days of Future Past. Sky came to us with a brief: discover your mutant X-Gene and put your new powers to the test. It was clear this would be a perfect application of Augmented Reality.

Using the magic of Kinect 2, players see their hands transform with claws like Wolverine, beckon the elements and shoot lightning bolts like Storm, or master magnetism and command metal debris like Magneto. And, what’s more, a photo of the player mutated as their chosen character arrives in their inbox when they’re done.


The X-Men Experience drew thousands of eager fans chomping at the bit to become their favourite X-Men character and wreak havoc with their new-found powers. The experience was later adapted and toured around the UK’s largest shopping centres, including Westfield and Bluewater.

Before participation, crucial user data was captured enabling Sky to broaden their reach with targeted opt-in email marketing, and to form valuable insights into Sky customers and their buying decisions. In addition, player photos delivered via email helped extend the campaign’s reach further through social media shares.