Disney: Planes 2: Fire & Rescue


With Planes 2: Fire & Rescue soaring into cinemas in a matter of months, Disney came to us to realise an idea: a Planes-themed game experience that can be played by all ages and brings people together.

Ask any child – or adult, for that matter – to imitate a plane. The first thing they’ll do is outstretch their arms and bend and twist at the waist. It was this simple idea that gave birth to the Planes 2: Fire & Rescue experience, and the core reason it turned out so immediately intuitive and eminently playable by all.

The world’s first commercial application to use Kinect 2, this two-player experience measures players’ outstretched arms to steer Dusty and Dipper towards emerging forest fires. A quick squat by the player unleashes a torrent of water to smother the flames. Players work together to fight fires and save Piston Peak National Park.


The experience rolled out to six Odeon cinemas across the UK, and later made its way into numerous Disney stores throughout August and September. To supplement the traditional rollout, we kitted out a converted fire truck with a large screen and Kinect 2, and exhibited the experience at cinemas and airshows around the country.