Disney: Avengers Hulkbuster Experience


After our Become Iron Man experience astounded onlookers in 18 countries across four continents since 2013, Disney and Marvel came to us to take it to the next level for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Capturing the explosive excitement of the now-iconic Hulk versus Hulkbuster scene with a 1:1 recreation of its Johannesburg location was a creative and technical challenge. Add to the mix dynamic Sub-Ultron AI, destruction physics, an Augmented Reality suit-up, and highly responsive Kinect controls and you’ve got the recipe for our most ambitious creation to date.


The Hulkbuster experience rolled out to six IMAX locations across the UK and another 8 countries around the world. To this day, the Avengers Hulkbuster experience continues to thrill players and onlookers, with player photographs extending its reach globally as they spread via email and social media.