As an early participant in the Kinect for Windows Developer Preview Program, we have been fortunate to develop for this game-changing device since its inception. Apache has proudly remained a full-service Kinect agency and Kinect developer ever since.

To this day, Kinect remains a fundamental component in the interactive experiences we develop for our world-class clients and brands. Employing Kinect at the highest level has enabled us to gain valuable real-world experience, putting us in a truly unique position to really push the device to its limits.

In 2011, we developed the Magic Mirror using the Kinect V1 sensor. Prominently featured at the Trafford Centre in the UK, the Magic Mirror enables shoppers to virtually try on a selection of dresses without the hassle of having to change their clothing. It was the first of its kind and was extremely well received by shoppers, retailers, and the press.

In November 2012, Disney got in touch to ask whether the Magic Mirror technology could be adapted to enable users to suit-up as Iron Man. The answer was a resounding yes. The Become Iron Man Experience launched in March 2013 with installations in 18 countries across four continents around the world, including 20 separate installations in the UK. No other major brand had adopted Kinect in an experiential marketing campaign to this degree and scale ever before, and thus Apache began its journey to become a Kinect developer and Kinect agency endorsed by the world’s biggest and most illustrious brands.

Following the success of Become Iron Man, Disney asked us to help promote Planes 2: Fire & Rescue. In what was the world’s first commercial application of Kinect 2, the Planes 2: Fire & Rescue Experience measures players’ outstretched arms to steer Dusty and Dipper towards emerging forest fires. Players work together to fight fires and save Piston Peak National Park. The experience rolled out to cinemas, airshows, and Disney stores across the UK.

We later went on to utilise Kinect 2 in another two major Kinect-enabled Augmented Reality experiences: the X-Men Experience for Sky and Fox, and the Avengers Hulkbuster Experience for Disney and Marvel.

In May 2015, we had the honour of working with Microsoft directly to realise the vision of a Kinect-enabled, fully interactive synthetic human embedded within a crowded shopfront. The Humans Persona Synthetics Experience measures passersby, detects user engagement with the synthetic human, waves in response to user hand movements, and even ushers users closer to ‘bond’ by virtually connecting palms.

Throughout the years developing for Kinect, we have constantly updated and refined our code libraries to take advantage of the latest iterations of the Kinect sensor and SDK. The new Kinect hardware and SDK has enabled us to take user interaction to the next level, allowing for greater overall precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities, and we are extremely excited to see what the future holds.

Kinect Work